Advanced Dental Technology for Improved Oral Health





Advanced Technology Keeps Your Smile Healthy

Technology has revolutionized the way dentistry is performed and delivered. This has allowed us to provide patients with minimally invasive procedures and improved treatment options.

Dr. Francisco Marcano understands the value this brings to our patients and has invested in multiple forms of advanced technology to benefit you. Our technology allows us to identify potential problems early to keep you healthy and provide you with gentle, nearly painless dental care.



Nothing to Fear from the Dentist


  • Less gagging
  • Improved comfort
  • No needle phobia
  • Targeted numbness

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We offer minimally invasive approaches to dentistry using state-of-the-art devices like intraoral cameras and The Wand® anesthesia. An intraoral camera provides us with an easy way to capture images of your mouth and even show you what we see in clear detail. This small camera easily fits within your mouth and is much more comfortable than traditional impressions using goopy, gag-inducing molds. For those who have a fear of needles, we also offer near pain-free anesthesia application using The Wand computer assisted anesthesia system. This technology uses a very small needle when administering anesthesia to a specific location and uses a computer to deliver the ideal dosage reducing numbness to surrounding teeth. This allows patients to obtain the dental care they need without fear of procedures, needles, or excessive numbness.


Identify Potential Problems Early

In addition to minimally invasive care, we can use our technology to identify potential risks to your health early on so they can be treated before bigger problems arise. We offer both CariVue™ and DIAGNOdent as early detection of cavities. Both these devices use special lights to identify cavities where they would otherwise be undetectable to the naked eye. Similarly, we offer VELscope® technology for oral cancer screening to locate potential cancerous lesions within your mouth. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the more successfully it can be treated.


Gentle Laser Dentistry

One of the biggest changes in dentistry is the use of dental lasers to treat a variety of conditions. Dr. Marcano has invested in a Picasso® dental laser to give you a gentle, minimally invasive approach to treatment.

Some procedures require better access to reach the cavity or margin of the restoration, which has been hampered by overgrown gum tissues. The Picasso laser helps us achieve this by allowing us to gently remove this tissue without the need for scalpels and with minimal bleeding. Common procedures Dr. Marcano performs with our laser include gingivectomies, gingival troughing and gingival recontouring.