Are Full Arch Dental Implants a Practical Solution?

Living with missing teeth can be difficult. It becomes harder to eat the foods you used to love, and even speaking can be a chore. Luckily, advances in dental technology have made it possible to restore the full functionality of the mouth even when permanent teeth go missing. If you are looking to replace a full arch of teeth, full arch dental implants could right for you, but is it the most practical solution?


What Are They


Full arch dental implants consist of titanium posts embedded into the jaw bone. What follows is a process known as osseointegration, when the post fuses to the bone, keeping it securely in place. Then, the post is capped with a natural-looking crown. These posts support a full arch of artificial teeth that are usually permanently locked in place.


How They Benefit Patients


A Full arch dental implant treatment offers a number of benefits to the patient, one of the greatest being that it is a long-term solution that can last for decades or even a lifetime. The implanted posts help to support the jaw bone, which slows and prevents deterioration of the bone over time. Patients can usually still enjoy their favorite foods because the posts hold the artificial teeth secure in place. This also means patients do not need to worry about unexpected slipping when eating or speaking, and caring for your implants is relatively straightforward. Dr. Francisco Marcano-Soltero and the staff at Sarasota Center for General Dentistry will help you understand how to care for your new teeth.


Where You Can Learn More


While dental implants are an increasingly popular solution for missing teeth, the procedure is not ideal in every situation. Dr. Marcano-Soltero can help you understand your best treatment options through a consultation. Contact our office today to schedule yours.

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