Advanced Laser Dentistry for Improved Gentle Care



Why Choose Laser Dentistry


  • Minimally invasive
  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Minimal bleeding or pain
  • Quicker healing time


The desire to provide patients with minimally invasive, predictable and effective treatment has brought rise to revolutionary laser dentistry to the industry.
Dental lasers use a gentle light instead of scalpels or sutures, typically providing a more comfortable experience for patients. Dr. Francisco Marcano has invested in the state-of-the-art Picasso® dental laser for effective soft-tissue treatments. We use our laser to help access the areas of your teeth that are covered by gum tissue without invasive cutting, the need for sutures or excessive bleeding.

Access Areas Below the Gum Line: We commonly perform gingival troughing and gingival recontouring with the use of our Picasso dental laser. These treatments are used to gently remove gum tissue from around your teeth to give Dr. Marcano access to the tooth enamel or roots. By removing the soft tissue, we are able to treat problems, like cavities, below the gum line or the appearance of short teeth. If bacteria get below the gum line, it becomes very difficult to clean. This can lead to the formation of cavities or cause gum disease to develop. The only way to access this location and treat the cavity is to remove the gum tissue that covers it. For those who have a gummy smile that makes their teeth appear short, we can gently remove the excess gum tissue and provide you with a beautiful, natural-looking smile.


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Experience Gentle Laser Dentistry with Dr. Marcano


Many of our patients who experience laser dentistry enjoy the gentle nature of dental care. We have adopted this technology to adhere to our mission of providing quality dental care in which to reduce fear and anxiety. Laser dentistry is known for its gentle and quick healing treatment, making it ideal for those who may be afraid of the dentist. Dr. Marcano attends over 100 hours of continued education each year in order to stay on top of the latest techniques and trends in dentistry and dental laser treatments. You can rest at ease by putting your faith in Dr. Marcano’s talented hands.