Rejuvenate the Look and Function of Your Smile with Dentures




Why Choose Dentures

  • Eat, bite and chew more foods
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Improves facial appearance
  • Speech improvements
  • Natural appearance
  • Higher quality-of-life



Return to a Higher Quality of Life

Living with missing teeth can cause everyday activities like eating and speaking to become a challenge, as well as hurt your confidence in interacting with others.
Because of the struggles tooth loss causes, dentures are a common solution—in fact, 90 percent of those who have no teeth at all (edentulous) have dentures. Dentures are an effective and affordable solution to restoring appearance and function back to your smile by providing a partial or full arch of removable teeth. Dr. Francisco Marcano can prepare your mouth and fit you with a comfortable and beautiful pair of dentures.



Our Denture Process


When preparing your mouth for dentures, Dr. Marcano will give you a thorough examination including digital images and x-rays of your oral structures. If you have any failing teeth, we provide gentle tooth extractions to remove them and create an ideal environment for the dentures to fit. For those just missing a few teeth, we can create a partial denture that will sit in your mouth and fill the gap. Dr. Marcano will commonly create a wax model of the denture to ensure that it fits properly and can make any adjustments necessary before having a dental lab construct the final piece. After your denture is created, it will rest comfortably on your gums and provide your mouth with a more natural look and function.

Full denture

Full-dentureThis removable appliance completely replaces a full arch of missing teeth. Any remaining teeth will need to be extracted to make room for the appliance, but the denture will give you a full arch of beautiful and functional new teeth. Many times, these are held in place with adhesives or pastes to provide a more secure and comfortable fit.

Partial denture

When you have several missing teeth but the remaining teeth are healthy, we can offer partial dentures to restore your smile. This removable appliance sits on your gums and surrounds your healthy teeth, filling in the gaps with natural-looking, functional partial denture.


Excellence in Quality and Care

We believe that there should be a special bond between patients and our doctor and team. We aim to create a personal connection with you, ensuring you get 100 percent attention and feel like part of our very own family. Our mission is simple, we exist by the grace of God to provide excellent quality in dental work and care for our patients. We understand that a denture is a big step for many and will help you by addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Marcano is skilled at creating beautiful and natural-looking dentures and holds a membership with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. After experiencing the benefits of dentures, many patients choose to move to the next level of teeth replacement and enjoy all the benefits of dental implants.