Gentle Tooth Extractions



Extraction to Save Your Smile

Having a missing tooth is never a pleasant experience, but in some cases, tooth extraction may be necessary if you are experiencing tooth pain or infection.
Dr. Francisco Marcano will do everything possible to save your natural teeth before deciding on extraction, but if the tooth must be removed, we will perform the treatment in as gentle and minimally invasive manner as possible. You will not have to live with tooth loss after extraction, as we offer many different forms of tooth replacement options to return your mouth back to complete health.


Relieve Discomfort Caused by Decay and Damage

There are many reasons you may need to have a tooth extracted, all of which have the goal of improving your overall health. Patients in need of extraction may experience excessive tooth decay or have been in an accident that caused trauma to the tooth. Untreated tooth decay due to cavities or infection that has not been treated with a root canal can destroy the structure of the tooth, which can cause pain during everyday activities like biting, chewing or even drinking hot or cold beverages. Decay can also spread infection to surrounding teeth and has even been linked to your systemic health, potentially causing conditions like heart disease or stroke. Damaged teeth can cause pain and restrict your ability to eat or speak normally. If a tooth has been badly broken, fractured or cracked, tooth extraction may be the only way to relieve pain and begin the healing process.

Reasons to extract problem teeth


  • Tooth decay
  • Damaged teeth
  • Retained baby teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures


Restore Function to the Mouth

Tooth extraction can be necessary at any age, from children with retained baby teeth, to adults or elderly patients in need of dental implants. In some uncommon cases, children do not lose all their baby teeth as their permanent teeth grow in. This can cause pain, trouble eating, and even prevent permanent teeth from growing in properly. In this situation, timely extraction of these baby teeth can prevent problems from developing and allow permanent teeth to grow without problem. If you are seeking dental implants or dentures to restore function to your mouth, tooth extraction may be necessary for the teeth you plan on replacing.


Gentle Extraction By a Team Who Cares

Many of our patients report improved comfort after having a problem tooth extracted, often relieving them of pain or discomfort.
We offer The Wand® anesthesia as a more comfortable way to help relax patients in need of extraction. After the local anesthesia is applied, patients typically feel only a slight pressure at the site of extraction. We strive to create an atmosphere free of dental fears and anxiety so you feel comfortable receiving the care you need.
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