A holistic APPROACH to dental care

At Sarasota Center for General Dentistry, we provide all of our patients with a holistic evaluation as part of their visit. In that visit Dr. Marcano may mention that you have one of the things listed below. The information found here is for your benefit and use. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us as we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tongue scalloping

Scalloping of the tongue gets it name from the way the edges of the tongue appears wavy or rigged. This is very common and typically isn’t anything to worry about. However a scalloped tongue can be a sign that points to other dental complications that could require braces or other treatments to fix.


Dental or tooth erosion is a decrease or weakening of the enamel, the hard white exterior of the teeth, typically caused by prolonged exposure to acids in food or drink. It can also be caused by bulimia, a condition where patients force themselves to throw up in order to lose weight. 

Preventative measures such as avoiding fizzy drinks and other acidic substances can make a significant difference, though once the enamel is gone its gone for good. Treatment options for areas of the tooth with significant enamel loss are typically as simple as fillings or bondings, though in severe cases the tooth may need to be removed.


Attrition is the wearing away of the teeth caused by tooth on tooth contact over time. While attrition is a normal part of the wear our teeth take during our lifetime, significant amounts of attrition can be a sign of grinding, weak enamel, or other conditions.

Clenching and grinding

Grinding of the teeth is where you move your jaw back and forth while making contact on your teeth. This wears away the enamel and can lead to significant dental problems. Similar to grinding, clenching is where the patient bites down with force for prolonged periods of time. Clenching can cause additional bone growth, headaches, and other complications.


A bony growth typically found under the tongue, tori are typically harmless, though they can be sensitive to pressure and can make it hard to wear dental devices like retainers and mouth guards.

Mallampati classification, class and scale


A common measurement used by dentists to describe the amount of soft tissue in the back of the throat above the airway. The mallampati score goes from class 1 being little to no obstruction to class 4 being significant obstruction.

Friedman Tongue Position

Similar to the mallampati score, the friedman tongue position also includes the tonsils in the measurement, from class 1 to 4.

Tonsils Grading

Used in the friedman tongue position, tonsil grading is a way of measuring the volume in the throat taken up by the tonsils, from 0 being no volume lost to 4 being high volume loss.

GERD and heartburn

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD occurs when the acid in the stomach travels up the esophagus towards the mouth. This is very unpleasant and can result in chest pain, vomiting, and other complications. GERD is typically worse while laying down. 

Treatment options include over the counter medications, though a change in diet is typically recommended for long term relief.


Dental crowding occurs when the teeth are competing for space and end up pushing on each other, causing jutting of the teeth and overlapping. While typically not a significant problem, some patient may experience difficulty chewing. Crowding can typically be treated with braces, though in some cases more significant measures may be required.


A guttural, harsh noise that occurs when sleeping. Snoring is caused by the passing of air over soft tissues, causing them to vibrate and make noise. This may be a symptom of an underlying health condition and should be looked at by a specialist. If found to be just snoring, losing weight or changing your sleeping position can help.

Morning Headaches

A common sign of sleep apnea, morning headaches are often caused by the clenching of the teeth at night. This unconscious clenching is due to the brain trying to prevent the airway from collapsing under the weight of your jaw tissues. It is highly recommended that if you have regular morning headaches to seek the advice of a specialist.

Daytime Sleepiness

Another common sign of sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness is often ignored and treated with caffeine from coffee or sports drinks. If you have a hard time functioning without stimulants, you may have an untreated health condition.

Tongue Tie 

A tongue tie occurs at birth and prevents the tongue from moving freely. This condition is extremely common and if left untreated can cause speech impediments, trouble swallowing, and difficulty breastfeeding in infants. Treatment of a tongue tie is simple with ae easy procedure and a quick recovery time.